NP4-2 Gamma-ray Energy Spectrometer

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Main Applications

1. Searching for uranium, thorium and potassium ores;

2. Under ground water exploration

3. Gamma-ray intensity analysis of habitable rooms and building materials;

4. Application of 1024-channel analyzer


Main Technical Specifications

  • Energy resolution: 9%(137Cs point source γ ray)
  • Energy measuring area: Total tract =30keV, K tract 13701565keVU tract16601880keVTh tract 24202810keV
  • Various tract: 2565121024 is selectablethe count maximum capacity of every tract is 65535
  • Measuring time: 1~65535 seconds optional
  • Instrument working environment: -5~ 50 ≤95%RH
  • Instrument Outline Dimension: 290×110×290mm;
  • Probe Outline Size: φ100×400mm;
  • Probe weight: 3.9 Kg;
  • Probe power: 3500mAh (continuously working 12 hours)


Consist of Host machine(PDA) and flashing probe