JGSB-1 Portable Engineering System

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Main Applicaiton

1. The shallow, middle and deep hydrogeology,

2. Engineering geology integrated digital logging for water conservancy and hydropower,

3. Railway, road, civicism, electricity, transport, urban construction and other industries.


Features and Functions

l  Light in weight: the winch adoptφ4.0 three core armoured cable

l  Convenient power supply: use DC 12V or 220V/50Hz as operating power supply

l  Rich measurement parameters, choose different parameter probes according to the purpose


Main Technical Specifications


12bit, Magnification K=0.5~128

Counting Channel Frequency


Digital Signal Transmission Frequency


Power Supply Cycle



2mA~500mA optional

2,5,10,20,50,100,200,500 mA  eight taps to choose

Analog Signal Input Range


Logging Speed

0~30m/min optional(decided by the sampling interval)

Depth Measurement Error


Display of Depth Range

0~9999.99 meter

Operating Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz ±5%

Power Consumption


Working Temperature

-10~ +50





Continuous working time

≤24 hours


System Component

Acquisition host machine, various kinds of probes,

manually (or automatically) winch and other related accessories.


Parts of the accessories

                  winch with cable                                                                       pulley                                                           connector

                      Different probes