JKX-4 Drilling Full Hole Wall Imaging System

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Main Application

l  Drilling geological observation,

l  Testing breakage, fracture,

l  Observing the thickness, tendency and inclination of the ore

l  Observing the various anomalies and defects of concrete, pipe, underground pipes, shafts



l  High resolution, could clearly see the video and full hole wall information in site, no blind phenomenon, no delay phenomenon;

l  Fast processing speed, even in the scene of image mosaic and video recording, the fastest speed can reach 10m/min;

l  Light intensity of the probe tube can be continuously adjusted to get clearly image for various detection objects.

l  The system is stable and reliable, all-solid-state design. Sealing technology is based on integrated logging system to ensures the waterproof effect of the probe and the host.

A special fisheye image processing method to fix the non-linear distortion of the fisheye lens and restore it to a plane histogram without loss;

Main Technical Specifications


l  Acquisition mode: stitching mode, video mode, stitching + video mode;

l  Splicing mode: pull-up splicing, drop splicing;

l  CCD1/3 inch700 lines without losing code HD

l  Image vertical Resolution0.1mm

l  Image Horizontal Resolution1024 Pixels

l  Depth counting accuracy0.01m

l  Depth recording error0.1%

l  Azimuth accuracy±0.1°

l  Outer diameter of the probe:Φ60mm

l  Suitable diameter:Φ70300mm

l  speed2m/min8m/min

l  Cable lengthstandard configuration 300moptional choice 150m600m800m

l  Working time: with 300m configuration continue working for 8 hours, external power is available


System Components

Acquisition host, logging probe,

300 meters manual winch,

processing software and other related accessories


Parts of the accessories

                      winch with cable                                                                      pulley                                                              connector