"The 15th Electrical, Logging and Seismic Method and Technology Training Course" Was Successfully Held by Our Company

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On March 18th, "The 15th Electrical, Logging and Seismic Method and Technology Training Course" which was host by Geological and Mining Equipment Branch of China Mining Association, organized by China Earth Equipment (Chongqing) Geological Instrument Co., Ltd. was open in Guiyang. Yuejin Liu, chief engineer of China Geological Equipment Group Co., Ltd., Jiading Lou, of China Power Construction Group Guiyang Engineering Co., Ltd. and Dezhi Yang, dean of the Institute of Geochemical Exploration of the Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, who attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech. There are 128 trainees from 47 related geological survey and engineering organizations in 21 provinces, districts and cities across the country participated in the training.


The training class invited Professors Heping Pan of China University of Geosciences, Professor Yuan Sun of Chang’an University, Professor lever engineer Pinrong Lin of IGGE and other well-known senior experts in the field of geophysical exploration, the course contents included hydrological logging, shale gas logging, shallow seismic exploration, electromagnetic prospecting, and applications of high-density surveying. CGE (Chongqing) Geological Instruments Co., Ltd. organized the training course, it established an exchange platform for enterprises and users. effectively promoted the latest geophysical method research results and instrument R&D results in time. it had achieved the intended purpose and was a complete sucess.

CGE (Chongqing) Geological Instruments Co., Ltd.

March 2018

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